Saturday, 31 October 2009

Old Wiltshire farm

I spent the day being trained as a volunteer researcher in the Farmstead Project to record old farm buildings in Wiltshire. This took place in a timewarp of a now inactive farm which dates back to the seventeenth century and is little changed since Victorian times. The photos show the stable for the carthorses, the two seater privy and the old brewery where the farm labourers also brewed up their Lipton's tea.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mutate Britain under Westway October 2009

I managed to catch Mutate Britain One Foot in the Grove exhibition under Westway at the end of Portbello Road in London. The Glastonbury Festival is the main stomping ground of these amazing creatures and most people there were in Glastonbury mode. I was wearing a suit for a memorial festival which is probably why I got interviewed for a video clip. Will I make Youtube?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

London Community Resource Network

This week I went up to London with some sculptures to take up an invitation to show at the Annual General Meeting of the London Community Resource Network. The R in LCRN used to stand for Recycling but they have changed the name to reflect the wider issue of the use of resources. Also showing some sculpture was Michelle Reader, a fellow exhibitor with myself at the Love London Recycled Sculpture Show at WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes. The photo shows her at the AGM with "Self portrait."

Saturday, 10 October 2009

After Mondrian

I noticed this Mondrian bollard in Winchester, Hampshire. Mondrian inspires people all over the world. I came across a bus so decorated in America on the internet. My own bathroom (above left) is so decorated and it is like walking into a 3D Mondrian painting.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Stands the church clock at ten to three?

Quite by chance I snapped my sundial at ten to three Greenwich Mean Time evoking by serendipity the famous lines in Rupert Brooke's 1912 poem of nostalgic longing for Grantchester near Cambridge : "Stands the clock at ten to three and is there honey still for tea?" Far too early for a Cambridge undergraduate to take tea but it rhymes. I made this sundial some ten years ago from odds and ends. "Carpe lucem" means "Seize the light." In England this year we had a glorious Indian summer so there was plenty of light to seize. (The parallel shadows on the left are from an open window and actually inspired me to take this photograph.)