Friday, 31 July 2009

The Greeneyed Monster

The Silver Eyed monster part 2. I was emailed with a question as to what the Silver Eyed Monster looked like when it was Green Eyed. It looked exactly the same except that it eye was copper turning green This shows him in his temporary black eyed stage back in February when I had removed the copper eye, a cymbal, that was poisoning one of the bushes in the yew hedge with a steady drip of copper.
I had also poisoned a whole lot of indoor plants including a giant Monstera (cheese plant) by incorporating small sculptures stuck on to copper tubes into the soil. (The tubes were only used because they were handy.) The poisoning inside and out took about six years and became manifest at the same time . Monstera, the Yew Monster and all the others have made a full recovery on removal of all copper.

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